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About This Project

We are one of the Military T Shirt Manufacturer in Tirupur-India. Having Military T Shirt Order from Our Indian Government is not so easy. Because the Military T-shirt Should be specially designed and Patterned for Military Purpose. When the military Man is on the mission the T Shirt Should not be uncomfortable while he changes his position from one side to another side. And the most important thing is that the military man will work 24*7. So, When the military man Worn the T Shirt, it should be a Cool T Shirt.

Tirupur Brands consider based on this type of comfort. We use Premium Quality Fabric with Soft dyes and Bio-Wash. So the T-Shirt will not harm the soldier’s. The Soldier’s will feel comfortable on this type of T Shirt.

And, we have already made 4 Lakh Military T Shirts for Indian Government. We have 80 – 100 Small Units in Tirupur. So we have all the specialties to make 1 Lakh and above T-Shirts.


Please Find the Fabric Details We Use:

  • Interlock Fabric
  • Camouflage Print
  • Khaki Color Fabric
  • 3 Color Print
  • 200 GSM
  • 4 Lakh Order Quantities
  • Price 120 Rs – 150 Rs (Depends on size)
  • Completed in 4 Month