Ways to Dress up Men’s T-Shirts

Ways to Dress up Men’s T-Shirts

History of the T-Shirt

Believe it or not, this simple piece of clothing does have a history. In World War I the American soldiers had to wear heavyweight, wool uniforms even in the summer. Before long, they noticed that the European soldiers were issued lighter weight undershirts that breathed better and kept the soldiers cool. The technology soon made it to the United States and before the start of World War II, the Army and Navy was also issued cotton undershirts.

The comfortable shirts were considered to only be underwear, though. It was not until 1955 when John Wayne, James Dean, and Marlon Brando appeared on T.V. wearing T-shirts as an outer garment that the idea of these shirts being a clothing item began to catch on. The three actors were considered rebels for wearing under garments in public but that did not stop the fad from spreading.

Technology advances in screen printing and the discovery of tie-dye in the 1960s further fueled the popularity of T-shirts and led to the creation of other styles such as tank tops and different necklines for the shirts.

How to Select Men’s T-Shirts

As mentioned earlier, there is no shortage of options when looking for a T-shirt. There are different fits, different necklines, and different types of materials. The first step will be to determine the size and desired fit. That will then lead into determining the neckline and then choosing from the material options.


Finding the Right Size

Before deciding the type of T-shirt to buy, it is important to first know how to choose the correct size. There is a fine line between wearing a T-shirt that looks like a tent and wearing one that looks two sizes too small. When trying a shirt, the seams where the sleeves attach to the shirt should line up directly over the edge of the shoulder. If the shirt is too large, the seam will hang down off of the shoulder. If a shirt is too small, the seam will end up half-way between the shoulder and neck.

Another way to determine if a shirt is sized properly is to grab the shoulders of the shirt and lift up. If the T – shirt moves upwards then it is too large. The sleeves or holes should be snug around the man’s arms. This method will not work for T-shirts that are form fitting or made with a stretchy material.


T-Shirt Fabrics and Materials

T-shirts are typically made with 100 percent cotton, cotton blends, polyester, or polyester mesh. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Pure cotton is natural, soft, and comfortable to wear. It also absorbs moisture, but it shrinks and wrinkles easily. Polyester is light, breathable, soft, and comfortable. It does not wrinkle or shrink, but it has a shiny appearance and is worn more for sporting purposes. Cotton blends, such as cotton and spandex, keep the natural, good qualities of cotton while preventing shrinkage and reducing wrinkling.

Ways to Dress up Men’s T-Shirts

After purchasing men’s T-shirts, they can be accessorized just like any other apparel items to make them appear less casual or more unique. Using these methods gives men even more wardrobe options at an affordable price.

Screen Printing

With screen printing, T-shirts can be customized to say anything or feature any design. The cost is reasonable and gives men the option of walking around in a shirt that is uniquely tailored to their personality. The affordability of T-shirts makes them very popular for screen printing because they are still the same price as other men’s shirts even after the custom work is done.

Wear a Vest

T-shirts can be worn under a casual vest to dress them up. They can both be a solid color or one of them can have a pattern on it. This is a good way to class up a wardrobe in the summer.

T-shirts are a comfortable and affordable way for men to build up their wardrobe. With the large quantity of design and style options, the shirts can be used to sport a variety of looks. They can also be bought in large quantities on a small budget making it easy to build up a collection of outfits.

This guide has covered all the basics of selecting and then purchasing men’s T-shirts. By utilizing the information provided, men can select the T-shirt fit, neckline, and material that they are interested in within minutes. Then that wish list can be taken to eBay where the searches can be narrowed down according to the preferences chosen.