The first step in finding the ideal t-shirt for you is choosing the right fabric. Different types of materials are better suited for certain occasions and activities. Below we describe our available t-shirt fabrics – cotton, polyester, and blends.

Cotton T-Shirts

Tirupur Branded Women’s T-Shirts are Manufactured by Tirupur Brands. Cotton is the king of all t-shirt fabrics! It’s soft, breathable, lightweight, and affordable, making it clear why it’s so widely used. Cotton t-shirts are great for buying in bulk due to their low price point, so consider cotton t-shirts for your next fundraising event, team activity, or corporate event when you need to purchase t-shirts for a wide audience. However, keep in mind that most cotton is more likely to shrink than a polyester or blended material.

Below are the five different types of cotton to consider before purchasing, each with their own distinct characteristics:

Ring-Spun Cotton:

Ring-Spun cotton is created by twisting and thinning the cotton strands. It is usually pricier but extremely durable, lasting a very long time.

Slub Cotton:

Slub cotton is woven, creating slight lumps and a unique texture. It’s airy and lightweight, making it great for summer events.

Organic Cotton:

Organic cotton is environmentally friendly since it is grown with minimal use of fertilizers and pesticides. This is great for an environmentally conscious audience, but it does come with a higher price tag.

Combed Cotton:

Combed cotton is a high quality cotton made with a higher thread count. It’s very strong and durable, but a bit pricier than other options.


Polyester is a synthetic material, popular for its durability, resistance to stretching and shrinking, and it’s quick drying ability. Since polyester is a sturdy and strong material, it is recommended to wear polyester t-shirts for outdoor events, sporting activities, and in harsh climates. However, it isn’t as breathable as cotton or blended fabric. Branded Women’s T-Shirts in Tirupur you can place your order now….


Blended fabric takes advantage of both cotton and polyester, combining the best characteristics of each. Sometimes a third material, Rayon, is used as well. Blended t-shirts are lightweight and breathable, while also being wrinkle resistant and durable. Due the wide range of characteristics, t-shirts made of blended materials are the perfect combination of loungewear and performance wear.


Moisture wicking is the optimal t-shirt material for exercising, hiking, or any type of active event. The moisture wicking material removes moisture from the skin, making it versatile for both cold and hot climate conditions. We carry short sleeve and long sleeve moisture wicking t-shirts, offered in both men’s and women’s sizes. Choose from different fits and a plethora of colors to find the moisture wicking t-shirt that best fits your audience.

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