How to Wear Long a Sleeve T-Shirt

Tirupur Branded Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirts are made by Tirupur Brands in Tirupur. Long sleeve T-shirts do not go out of style and they are suitable garments for all seasons. Whether worn on a warm autumn day or under a blazer in winter, these T-shirts are versatile and there is no such thing as owning too many of them.

For a casual looklong sleeve T-shirts can be easily teamed with a pair of skinny or flared-leg jeans. Skirts, shorts, and trousers also look great when paired with a plain or printed long sleeve T-shirt. If the occasion is not a casual one, a simple long sleeve T-shirt can either be accessorized with scarves and necklaces or paired with an elegant cardigan. The options are truly endless when it comes to wearing long sleeve T-shirts in a casual environment.

When it comes to wearing long sleeve T-shirts at special occasions, women may consider going for fabrics that are more elegant, such as cashmere or satin. These T-shirts can make a statement even if their design is a simple one. For a bold outfit, women can opt for long sleeve T-shirts with intricate designs or embroidering.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts Fabrics

Buyers can choose long sleeve T-shirts in a variety of fabrics, with the most popular of them being cotton, cotton blends, and polyester. For special occasions, women can opt for long sleeve T-shirts made from fabrics such as lace or cashmere. Regardless of the fabric one chooses, it is important to coordinate the T-shirt with the rest of the outfit.

Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Cotton is perhaps the most popular fabric for long sleeve T-shirts and there are several benefits of it. Cotton-made garments are easy to wash and they dry quickly, without the need of special detergents or dry-cleaning services. Moreover, long sleeve T-shirts made from cottonare comfortable and they are ideal for both casual and formal wear. The only downside of wearing T-shirts made from cotton is that they need quite a bit of ironing, but this is a small inconvenient when compared to the benefits.

Cotton Blend Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Cotton blends are often less expensive than pure cotton and, for this reason, many women prefer to buy T-shirts made from combinations of cotton and polyester or cotton and other fibres, including linen, silk, or Lycra. There are many variations when it comes to the quality of these combinations and buyers should determine whether they are looking for a lightweight, super soft, or elastic material.

Polyester Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Women who wish to prevent their long sleeve T-shirts’ shrinkage from washing and minimise the need for ironing can opt for T-shirts made from polyester. This sturdy fabric is durable, yet lightweight, providing the wearer with plenty of comfort. Polyester fibres can be woven in a wide variety of patterns, which allows women to choose T-shirts with different textures. A great benefit of polyester T-shirts is the fact that they usually retain their shape and size. However, long sleeve T-shirts made from polyester do not allow the skin to breathe as well as their cotton counterparts do.

Lace Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Lace T-shirts are an ideal choice for a night out or special events and they are available in a variety of colours and styles. However, these T-shirts cannot be simply tossed in the washing machine, as they require special care and detergents. Lace T-shirts work well with elegant skirts or a pair of black trousers, even though they can also be paired with jeans for a more casual look.

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