Tirupur Branded Camisolr Tops in Tirupur at Tirupur Brands. Although a camisole is considered both a wardrobe staple and a basic item, this should not fool shoppers into thinking that there is just one plain item that is considered to be a camisole. There are several different types of camisoles, from strappy, shiny items, to supportive, beige ones. Camisoles, also called camis for short, come in many different manifestations of fabric, length, neckline, strap type, and style.

Camisole Fabric

Camisoles are typically constructed from cotton jersey, silk,, satin, or polyester. Camisoles that are made from cotton jersey and polyester can offer more stretch, while those made of silk and satin are more loose and flowy. All of these materials can be used to construct camisoles to be suited toward both underwear and outerwear, depending on the fit, the embellishments, and the styling of the cami. Lace trim made from all of these materials may also be applied, as can piping and beading for special touches. Seamless camisoles are woven out of one piece, eliminating lines and creating a smoother appearance under other garments.

Camisole Length

The length of a camisole can vary from the above midriff cut all the way to mid-hip. Anything longer would be considered a chemise instead of a camisole, while any shorter might be considered a bralette top. The length of the camisole will depend on the wearer’s needs and size. Shorter, cropped camisoles might be used as fashion tops for evening wear, while longer pieces might be used to tuck into suits, or they may even include lace detailing that is designed to peek out under other layered pieces. Longer camisoles also pair well with more tailored pants or skinny jeans for an up-to-date fashion statement.

Camisole Necklines

The neckline of a camisole is usually chosen to complement both the outfit and the wearer. Typically, camisole necklines are either scoop or v – neck, although some spicier, more risque camis may have sweetheart necklines that emphasize the bustline. These are usually found on camisoles that are intended for use as lingerie, or perhaps for use under a sheer blouse for a sexier effect.


Uses of Camisoles

Camisoles are a basic staple of the modern woman’s wardrobe. They have many everyday as well as specialized uses, from serving as a layering garment under lower-cut tops to offering added support during exercise. The number of uses for camisoles is as varied as the above-mentioned styles and elements that are available. Some of the most common uses of camisoles are as undergarments, as layering pieces, as exercise apparel, as fashion tops, and as maternity and nursing wear.


Camisoles as Exercise Apparel

Lycra camisoles that are constructed with built-in bra support are also made for exercise wear. Women who are doing yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, or cardio activities can stay cool while wearing supportive apparel. Special fabric that wicks moisture away from the body is also often utilized in constructing exercise camisoles.

Camisoles as Fashion Tops

Many women wear a camisole on its own. These are great tops to be worn casually, at the beach, or even for evening wear on occasion. Women should be cautioned, however, that camisoles are not considered proper professional attire when worn alone. In addition, some camis are clearly meant to be used as undergarments and should not be confused with outerwear.

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